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Pro/Angle premium bunker sand

Considering golf was once played with wooden clubs and balls, the sport has evolved considerably since its early beginnings. Equipment innovations like graphite shafts, titanium heads, and multi-layer golf balls have accelerated the tradition-rich pastime into a high-performance sport.  


Today’s golf professionals and amateurs are driving farther than ever on courses designed to accommodate the promise of even greater distance as new talent and technologies are continually developed.  


Pro/Angle® Angular Bunker Sand represents the latest significant innovation, explicitly designed to improve the way a golf course plays and looks.  

The Original 100% Angular Bunker Sand 

Produced exclusively in Ohio by R.W. Sidley, Pro/Angle Bunker Sand is the Original 100% Angular Bunker Sand. The high-performance sand is produced through a specialized crushing and grinding process that fractures high-quality silica quartz pebbles into angular particles, creating the most playable, weather-resistant bunker sand on the market. 

When selecting premium angular sand for your golf course, accept no substitutes for Pro/Angle’s unique shape, such as infiltration rate, angle of repose & penetrometer rating.  

Pro/Angle bunker sand is preferred by the finest golf courses in the nation. 

Designed to exceed technical demands set by golf course builders and architects, Pro/Angle Bunker Sand is engineered to meet stringent United States Golf Association (USGA) standards.  

The angular shape of Pro/Angle resists ball impact, creating more playable shots in bunkers. This is one of the many reasons our precisely engineered golf sand has  

Pro/Angle Angular Bunker Sand is used at some of the most exclusive courses across the country. These courses have seen improved course playability with increased member and management satisfaction, helping to drive their popularity and tee them up for success.  


The Pro/Angle Advantage  

In addition to stable ball support and better playing ability, Pro/Angle reduces the cost of bunker maintenance. Its angular particle technology delivers significant benefits over other silica sand for golf courses: 

  • Excellent drainage 

  • Superior slope retention 

  • Greater wind resistance 

  • Better overall product retention 

  • Creates firm, consistent feel from bunker to bunker  

  • Consistent color and sustainable appearance 


Pro/Angle sands are tested daily as part of R.W. Sidley’s Quality Assurance Program to ensure total quality and protect your reputation.  

Bunker sand origins that trace back to early mining days. 

As the creator of Pro/Angle, R.W. Sidley was established in 1933 as a mining and manufacturing company in Thompson, Ohio. Our vast mineral resources and commitment to innovation have allowed us to grow and expand into multiple markets. Today, we offer a wide range of high-performance solutions derived from our original core silica sand and bank gravel products.  

Have a Pro/Angle question?  

We’ve outlined many important questions you should be asking yourself when selecting  bunker sand for your golf course application. Click here to view our FAQs page.  

Take a shot with the highest performing angular sand! 
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