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Rob Sidley portrait

Vice President of Aggregate Sales & Strategic Business Development

Rob Sidley

Rob Sidley leads sales activities for R.W. Sidley’s silica operations. He is responsible for creating processes and programs that guide our operation in maintaining and improving its competitive position as a leading producer of industrial minerals, filtration media, and sand and silica products. Rob has been a significant contributor to our family-owned and operated company since 1983. He worked as Mining Operations Manager for a decade before assuming his current role as R.W. Sidley, Vice President, Aggregate Sales in 1993.

To many, the phrase “family-owned” connotates a tiny mom-and-pop business that serves a narrow market segment. Rob has helped disprove this notion, helping grow and expand the Sidley enterprise into an authoritative name that some of the largest and most respected architects, builders, and engineers rely on for world-class building supplies, solutions, and support. Rob believes the ownership structure of our family business is what sets Sidley apart, both for its customers and its over 250 employees. Those who do business with Sidley or work here are treated like family, which Rob says goes a long way to build credibility and trust.

Rob earned an EMBA from the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University, he also attended The Ohio State University. Rob lives by the advice, “Enjoy every day, and if you don’t’, do something about it.” He definitely enjoys his days at Sidley, where there’s always something different happening. In his free time, Rob can often be found camping or playing a round of golf.

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