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Independent lab testing confirms there is no other bunker sand quite like Pro/Angle premium bunker sand





Pro/Angle has an extremely high-purity silica quartz composition, free from contaminants that break down or degrade sand. 

Uniformity Coefficient (UC)

This numerical value measures particle size range. A UC of 1 indicates every particle is the same size. Pro/Angle’s UC is 3.73 which represents a well-graded sand. Its particle size variety helps create a stable surface while allowing for good drainage.


per hour infiltration rate (IR) 



Pro/Angle’s industry-leading infiltration rate (IR), or measure of how quickly water drains through a filtering substance, means your bunkers won’t turn into retaining ponds.


D85 bridging factor

D85 is a calculation based on particle size that is a “bridging criterion” established to prevent the movement of particles into or through adjacent materials. For sand, D85 indicates how it interacts with certain aggregate liner systems. Pro/Angle measures in at 1.46 which bridges nicely with those systems.


penetrometer scale range 

A penetrometer is a device forced into the sand to measure vertical penetration resistance. It provides a measure of how well sand resists buried balls, also known as “fried eggs.” The scale ranges from 0 (low resistance) to 4.5 (high resistance). Pro/Angle has been performing in the 4.0 - 4.5 range, holding some of the highest penetrometer rates in the industry. 

Mohs hardness level 


Mineral hardness plays a key role in a sand’s longevity and durability. Being composed of silica quartz, Pro/Angle has a respectable hardness level of 7 on the Mohs Hardness Scale. For comparison, that’s as hard as steel!  

When someone tells you their sand is just like Pro/Angle,
ask to see the data. 

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