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Top-quality silica sand for sports and recreational use 

With over 80 years of silica sand mining and manufacturing expertise, R.W. Sidley is a recognized leader in the sports aggregate industry. We supply a complete line of proven silica sand products to sports and recreation markets across the country and Canada.  


Experience you can trust 

Our sports sands are made from silica quartz sand mined locally in Ohio on the shores of Lake Erie. These products are of the highest purity and are free from harmful chemicals. Using advanced processes and technologies, we can engineer our sands to exact specifications with controlled particle distribution. The sands are washed, kiln-dried, and precision screened to size. All of our products are tested to ensure the highest quality and consistency standards.  


Each R.W. Sidley sports turf product is meticulously designed to promote superior playing achievement on golf courses, sports fields, horse arenas, and volleyball courts. Whether used as bunker sand, ProFill™ for synthetic turf, or Pro Topdressing™ for topdressing sand for athletic fields, our high purity silica sands deliver many performance and safety advantages: 


  • Incredibly durable and crush-resistant 

  • Very clean 

  • Consistent quality 

  • Shock absorbing  

  • Angular design provides the right amount of traction and grip 

  • Unmatched drainage characteristics 

  • Bacteria growth deterring 

  • Cost-effective 


By combining our access to the finest mineral resources with our manufacturing capabilities, we can enhance the beauty and performance of your playing course, field, or facility for years to come.

Premium golf course sands that meet USGA requirements 

On the golf course, R.W. Sidley’s silica sands are used for the installation and maintenance of bunkers, tees, greens, and fairways. Our golf course sands offer unmatched quality, playability, maintenance, and durability advantages.  

R.W. Sidley’s golf course aggregate line is led by our signature Pro/Angle® Bunker Sand, known for being the original 100% angular sand and regarded as one of the industry’s highest quality bunker sands. Custom topdressing, aerification, and infill needs are met by our popular Pro Topdressing™.  

R.W. Sidley supplies its golf course sands to many of the finest courses in the U.S. and Canada, including professional tournament venues.  

Pro/Angle®  Sand

Pro/Angle® is the original 100% angular sand that provides unmatched playability, longevity, design, and maintenance advantages. It is solely manufactured in Ohio by R.W. Sidley by processing pure quartz into the proprietary angular design.

Pro/Elite Blend Sand
Pro/Elite Blend

A blend of 75% Pro/Angle and 25% natural sand. Performance characteristics are comparable to Pro/Angle with a slightly softer color.

Pro Gold Natural Sand
Pro Gold Natural

100% natural sub-angular sand, mined from the same source material as Pro/Angle. This high-purity bunker sand is an economical choice with a golden color.

Pro Topdressing Sand
Pro Topdressing

Available in fine, medium, and coarse grades, R.W. Sidley produces silica sand products to meet the varying needs of golf course topdressing programs. Our Pro Topdressing sands contain no organics and are free from clay, coal, and silt. They are precisely graded and blended to meet United States Golf Association (USGA®) requirements for construction and use.

Premium infill sand for athletic fields  

ProFill™ silica infill for artificial turf provides athletes with a beneficial layer of shock absorption, turf stability, protects turf backing, deters bacteria growth, and improves drainage. Silica sand is the most common and affordable turf infill material used to provide safe, and a more natural feel on synthetic playing surfaces.


R.W. Sidley’s ProFill™ sports turf infill sands are used on the playing fields of professional sports teams as well as fields belonging to municipalities, major universities, and high schools.

Truck at the R.W. Sidley scale house being weighed after loaded with Pro/Angle sand

Precise material delivery and placement 

Whether you’re located near or far, we have the logistics expertise, dedicated transportation services, and specialized equipment to transfer and place your sports aggregate materials efficiently, carefully, and precisely where you need them – even in hard-to-reach or turf-sensitive areas.   


Bunker Sand
Infill Sand 
Equestrian Sand 
Volleyball Sand 

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